The Thurlaston Airsoft Target Club, uses Airsoft Rifles and Pistols to conduct practical shooting practices in a safe and fun way, allowing anyone to take part in this exciting and dynamic form of target shooting.

Practical Target Shooting, using Airsoft Rifles and Pistols, is a dynamic form of target shooting, requiring the shooter to move into different firing positions and to fire at a number of different targets during what is known as a course of fire. It also requires that shooters reload during each course of fire. It is testing and fun and closely supervised by safety staff to ensure everyone is safe at all times. We run a Practical Shooting session every Wednesday Evening from 7PM to 9PM, if you would like to try this exciting form of target shooting then contact us by phone or email for more details.

We can rent rifles and pistols for you to take part, all you have to do is buy your 6mm ammunition.

If you wish to purchase airsoft rifles or pistols from us then you must have what is known as a defence under the law, in essence a reason why you want to own a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF). By joining the Airsoft Target club here at Thurlaston you will have membership of an Airsoft Club and therefore have a reason to own. You will also need the correct form of 3rd party insurance, we recommend membership of the Sportsmans' Association as this will provide you with the necessary insurance.