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Weapons & Tactics

We have a practical shooting range where you can practice your Airsoft marksmanship and conduct practice drills with your team, we also have ex military weapons and tactics instructors to give you pointers and tips.

Practical Shooting

Practical shooting is a target based discipline which uses airsoft and airgun pistols and rifles in a fun and dynamic way. Its a fun way to spend a session with us and we can offer all the training and equipment you need to enjoy it.

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We specialise in Airgun and Airsoft rifles and pistols, so come along and see what we can do for you

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We offer sessions & training


Our introduction session last for an 90minutes, during which your instructor will teach you the necessary skills to use a modern pre-charged air rifle, safely and accurately using the equipment provided. Discounted rate for children (15 & under).


If you want to see what target sports are all about then why not try a taster session. The session lasts for 2 hours and covers Air Rifle, Airsoft Pistol and Archery. The taster session is designed to let you ‘have a go’ without going into the detail of a full introduction. Discounted rate for children (15 & under).

Marksmanship can be used as the skills part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, we can provide all the necessary training and equipment to enable you to carry out your skills training successfully. Contact us for more details.

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Purchasing equipment

We can help you to choose a new rifle or pistol and all the necessary accessories to suit your needs. Come and have a chat about what is available and how we can help you to choose the perfect combination.

Selling air rifles, pistols, airsoft, archery equipment, accessories, targets and ammunition.

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